3 Leadership Myths Rarely Discussed…If at All

You’ve seen the articles about leadership myths, but most seem well-known including:

  • Leaders are born, not made
  • Leaders need to be extroverts / charismatic / popular / outgoing …
  • You need authoritative role to lead (such as being a manager or executive)
  • Leaders are always right
  • Reading about leadership is enough to become a leader
  • Men make better leaders than women
  • Leaders solve problems that others can’t solve by followers

The myths below are different: few talk about them or even recognize that they exist.

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“What Is Leadership?” Is the Wrong Question

Leadership: easy to recognize but hard to explain

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Experts disagree about what leadership is, and their definitions are as memorable as a corporation’s mission statement. Even Maxwell recognizes the challenge:

Everyone talks about it; few understand it. Most people want it; few achieve it. There are over fifty definitions and descriptions of it in my personal files. What is this intriguing subject we call leadership?
— John C. Maxwell1

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